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November Birthdays

Happy Belated Birthdays to:

Aaliya Kocher, Tsunami 11/4

Claire Cucinotta, Tsunami 11/15

Abby Raccuia, Explosion 11/16

Coach Topolski, Eruption 11/20

Carissa Hilsher, Quake 11/22

Coach Gregorius, Scorch 11/27

December birthdays

Happy Birthday's

Olivia Johnson, Eruption 12/3

Coach Hernandez, Quake 12/4

Paige Landers, Explosion 12/4

Abby Bacon, Tsunami 12/5

Coach Graham, Rocks 12/7

Coach Butera, Scorch 12/15

Cecelia Brown, Rocks 12/15

Hailey Johnson, Scorch 12/19

Sophie Montesano, Rocks 12/19

Sedona Smith, Explosion 12/22

Shelby Baker, Explosion 12/23

Karlee Sinkievich, Scorch 12/29

Mary Weber, Eruption 12/30

Great opportunity

If you know anyone who is looking for a good job working with good people this may interest them.


Please use the Sports Engine payment for you fees when possible. If you want to pay by check please mail the checks to:

LAVA VBC 13 North Meadow Dr. Caledonia, NY 14423. I may not always be at practice. The coaches have been instructed not to take payments.

Also if you joined WEVA with the tryout membership please upgrade to full membership.




Dave Tytler, Director


Any time that Cal-Mum is closed we do not have practice. I will try to update the web page as soon as possible for weather closings. 

Lava Apparel

The Lava apparel store is up and running so you can share store/ordering information with your teams. The store never closes and apparel is shipped right to the player in 2 - 3 weeks.  Click on the button below to see the store. 

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Butera. 


Club Fees

Club Fees are due upon making a team. If you have accepted a position on a team, please follow the link below to pay the club fees. Thank you. 

Club Picture

No Parking in the bus loop

Parents please don't park in the bus loop while waiting for your daughters to finish practice. Cal-Mum team buses may be coming in from away games and it interferes with their ability to drop off the students


Thanks for your cooperation


How long does the season run? 

We start in November with practices. The season is usually over at the end of April. There is a tournament in May that some of the teams like to attend. No later that the 2nd weekend in May.

How long are tournaments?

Tournaments generally start at 8AM. It depends how well the team is playing. Pool play is generally done by 1PM then you get into playoff rounds. It could last until 6PM. Plan on spending the day. Plan on good snacks for and water for your daughter. Most venues have a concession stand.


Sponsored by Ugly Duckling Embroidery

Ugly Duckling Embroidery

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(585) 315-9683 


LAVA Volleyball was formed when parents of Livingston County teams were looking for a more local club that didn't travel outside of NYS, was reasonably priced and allowed their daughters to still participate in family functions, school sports and activities. We started with 2 teams in 2011 and have grown to seven teams this season.  We are committed to bringing in the best coaches we can find and to give your daughters a great experience during the season.  If you are interested in LAVA volleyball please contact us.

Contact Us

Contact Us

LAVA Volleyball Club

Phone: 585-729-2101