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LAVA Coaching Staff

Coach Tytler-Matison

Kelly has been coaching with LAVA since 2011 and before that she coached at both Premiere VBC & Xtreme VBC. She is IMPACT certified and has attended coaching seminars with The Art of Coaching Volleyball as well as Gold Medal Squared coaching clinics. She was an accomplished player in HS at Cal-Mum as well as moving on to play at SUNY Brockport. She is still very active in playing in the area. Kelly was hired in 2015 as the Caledonia-Mumford Modified Coach and a big part of the programs success the last two seasons. Kelly is coaching the LAVA Eruption 18U team this season.

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Eruption Coaching Staff

Coach Matison

Joel has been with LAVA for 5 years. He is IMPACT certified and has been to the Art of Coaching Volleyball Clinic and least season attended the Gold Medal Squared Coaches Clinic. He has worked hard and has become a well rounded coach and valuable asset to the organization. Joel is working with the 18U Eruption team again this season. 

Coach Topolski

We are excited to add Rose to our coaching staff. She has been coaching for 46 years, 30 as the varsity coach at Alexander CSD. She also spent 16 years coaching with the Xtreme VBC and has coached at all age levels. She has attended clinics at Penn State, Syracuse University and through Gold Medal Squared. She brings a lot of knowledge to our club as well as enthusiasm and humor. Welcome to the Club Rose. She will be working with the 14U Rocks team this season. 

Coach Botsford

Picture coming soon.

Jordan joins the Eruption coaching staff this season. We will have more information on her soon

Chris Butera

Head Coach

Phone: (585) 705-8778‬

Coach Butera

Chris is entering his 6th season with LAVA after coaching 3 years with Xtreme.  He has experience coaching at the 16's, 17's and 18's club levels.  As a player he played at Pittsford and McQuaid Jesuit in high school.  He currently is the Geneseo CSD modified girls coach after serving as the varsity coach since 2009.  At Geneseo his teams won over 150 matches, 7  LCAA league titles, multiple tournaments and 1 sectional title in 2013.  He was named LCAA coach of the year 4 times as well as Section V coach of the year in 2013.  This season Chris is coaching the LAVA Scorch 16U team.

Scorch Coaching Staff

Coach Marlowe

Coach Marlow is another one of our former players coming back for her second season as a coach.   She was a league all-star player with the Geneseo Blue Devils where she played DS and libero,  and played 3 years with LAVA. She brings a passion and desire to teach the game to our current players.  Macy is an assistant with Scorch 16U this season.

Coach Parkhurst

Info Coming Soon

Coach Gregorius

Coach Gregorius has just been named the varsity coach for the Dansville HS Program after many years at the JV Helm. She is currently working with our 13U program. Coach Gregorius has attended numerous coaching clinics and was also at the 2017 Gold Medal Squared Clinic in Indiana, PA.

Dave Tytler

Head Coach

Phone: 585-729-2101

Coach Tytler


Dave along with Andy Braun started LAVA VBC in 2011. He was a coach and committee member at Xtreme Volleyball for 7 years before stepping down to devote his time to LAVA. Dave is currently the Varsity Coach at Caledonia-Mumford CSD and has held that position since 2008. His teams have won two section V titles in 2015 and 2016.   He has been honored with being selected as Section V coach of the year for Class D2 in 2015 & C2 in 2016. He was also selected as the LCAA Coach of the year in 2016. Dave is coaching the LAVA Quake 18U team this season.

Magma Coaching Staff

Coach Grattan

Rick has been coaching since 2004. He is a volunteer assistant with Caledonia-Mumford and has been instrumental in helping to develop that program. Rick was a coach with Xtreme Volleyball for a number of years before moving over to LAVA VBC when it started. He has coached at the 18u level, 16u level & 14u level. This season he is working with the 18u Quake team. Rick is a great communicator with the players and really knows how to get the best out of them.

Coach Graham

Sarah rejoins the coaching staff after a couple of years off to work on her college degree. We are glad to have her back. Sarah is a former Cal-Mum player as well as a LAVA Alumni. She is coaching with the LAVA Magma team this season.

Coach Bannister

Picture Coming soon

John has joined our coaching ranks this season. John brings a wealth of knowledge to our program. 

Coach Harmon

Picture coming soon

This is Amy's second year with LAVA. She is currently the JV Coach at Cal-Mum. She has also coached coached both the boys and girls teams at Churchville Chili CSD. Amy is working with our 18U Eruption Team this season. 

Explosion Coaching Staff

Coach Braun

Picture Coming Soon

Coach Braun has been coaching volleyball for many years. He has been part of the very successful RIT volleyball camp program. He was the Varsity Coach at Avon for 10 years and won LCAA Division II league title 3 times. He retired from active coaching at school to watch his daughters school activities. Andy worked on setting up LAVA with Dave and is still involved with guiding our growth. He is currently coaching the Leroy JV Basketball team.

Coach Fox

Picture Coming Soon

Stephanie joins the LAVA coaching staff this season. She has moved up here with her husband to be from Massachusetts were she played and coached. Welcome to the LAVA Family!

Coach Smyder

Brittany started as a coach with LAVA is 2011. She began her playing career at Cal-Mum and then moved onto Avon HS helping them to win 3 league titles. Brittany was a middle hitter in college for Keuka College. She is back for her third year as the Tsunami Head Coach.  Brittany has worked with the 12U, 14U and 17U age groups.



Tsunami Coaching Staff

Coach Pasquale

Picture coming soon

Morgan is another of our players who has come back to coach with the program. Morgan was an intense player and worked hard all the time. She passes that attitude along to our girls. Morgan played on and was a big part of Leroy's successful volleyball program. She won section V titles in each of her seasons on varsity. 

Coach Eighmey

Picture coming soon

Alexis joins the coaching staff this season with the Tsunami team. She assisted Tsunami last season and decided she liked it and wanted to coach this season. Welcome to the club.

Coach Cushing

Kelley is in her 3rd year with LAVA VBC. She is currently the Varsity Coach at Avon and has held that position for the last 5 years. She was the modified coach for 2 years and then coached JV for 3 years before moving up to varsity. She also coached Avon Varsity for 4 years in the 90's. She is avid Penn State fan and attends quite a few of their football games and volleyball matches. She has attended numerous coaching clinics at Penn State as well as attending the Art of Coaching Volleyball Clinic in 2015 on Long Island and the 2017 Gold Medal Squared Clinic in PA.  She brings an energy and enthusiasm to the sidelines that is second to none. In 2016 Kelley was voted as Rochester Rocs coach of the year. She is working with the 16U Magma team this year.

Rocks Coaching Staff

Coach Bulmer

Picture coming soon

Shanaya joins the LAVA Rocks coaching staff this season. We will have more info on her soon.

Coach LJ Bean

Picture coming soon

LJ enters his fourth season with our club as the Asst. Coach of the Rocks 14U Team.  

Coach Hernandez

Coach Hernandez

Joe comes to us after many seasons coaching with the Xtreme VBC. joe is also the Varsity Coach at Bloomfield CSD. We welcome Joe and his experience to LAVA. 

Part-Time Coaches